How To Turn A Carport Into A Garage

carport conversion into garage
Over the years, I’ve discovered that the number one item on most mobile home buyer’s wish list is a garage. Unfortunately, here in the Palm Springs desert area, most mobile homes come with carports and not garages. But, there is a solution.

The other day, I was showing a home in the Skys Haven mobile home park in Desert Hot Springs and I noticed that half of this carport had been converted into a garage (see picture above). I’ve seen other carports converted into garages but this is the most professional conversion I’ve seen.

If you Google “How To Turn A Carport Into A Garage” you’ll find lots of information for do it yourselfers and for companies that will do it for you, along with sample prices. Make sure to shop around since contractor prices can vary dramatically for the similar services and results.

So, don’t let the fact that a mobile home doesn’t have a garage stop you from purchasing a great house. You can almost always add an enclosed garage later. Just check with the park before you buy your home to make sure they will allow it. Most have architectural committees that will need to approve your plans before you start construction.

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