When Is The Best Time To Buy A Desert Mobile Home?

I’m currently working with a mobile home buyer who just asked me if it’s better to buy now or to wait until summer to buy, in order to get a better deal. He also asked me how long the homes I’ve shown him have been on the market, so he could better assess how motivated the sellers are.

Here in the desert, most sellers don’t really need to sell, so they over price their homes and six months to a year on the market is not unusual, even for a good home. These are mostly second homes/investments, so there isn’t a lot of motivation for most buyers or for most sellers, so homes in general stay on the market longer here than they do in normal markets where people actually live full time.

That said, this is our high season, when most serious buyers do buy and the good homes, that are priced correctly, at market value, usually get multiple offers and sell for full price or above. So, my advice to him was, don’t expect a killer deal during high season.

If you’re a mobile home buyer just looking for a deal, then the summer is your best bet. The problem is, most sellers take their homes off the market in the summer, unless they are desperate and their homes are way over priced or dogs. So, you can get a great deal in the summer, because you have almost no competition, but only on the homes no one really wanted during high season.

The bottom line is, if you’re a serious home buyer, looking for a home that’s priced fairly, and you’re willing to offer a fair price, then I can help you. When you really think about it, all mobile homes are killer deals when you compare them to the price of traditional homes and condos.