6 Most Common Reasons To Buy A 55+ Mobile Or Manufactured Home

According to my buyers, here are the 6 most common reasons why they choose to live in a 55+ mobile home community.

1. PEACE AND QUITE – In general, 55+ residents tend to be quitter than younger residents. Unless, they’re hearing impaired and then all bets are off. Noise rules are usually enforced, though, keeping these communities relatively peaceful and quiet. Many also have very strict rules about pets and barking and they are usually monitored and enforced. In addition, grandkids are allowed, but usually for only short periods of time.

2, SAFETY AND SECURITY – Most of the 55+ homes in the desert are within gated communities and quite a few have full or part-time guards at the gates. Since many of the residents are retired, they usually have a ready group of volunteers to patrol the community. No community is ever completely safe from crime and vandalism, but having many watchful eyes paying attention to what’s going on in the neighborhood, tends to help keep crime low.

3. FRIENDS – Isolation and loneliness among seniors is becoming an epidemic in many parts of the country. Fifty-five-plus communities can often be the cure. It’s human nature for most of us to prefer hanging out with people who are like us and have similar shared experiences. Age is one common denominator and it’s usually easier to make friends if you have something in common. Each of the 55+ communities has a clubhouse and most have dozens of clubs, organizations and social activities to facilitate bringing neighbors together.

4. ACTIVITIES – I believe the term Active Adult was first used to describe 55+ residents. The majority of our desert area 55+ communities are located on golf courses and in country clubs and offer lots of outdoor activities, such as golfing, biking, hiking, lawn bowling, Bocce Ball, swimming, and the list goes on. There are just as many indoor activities. Most of the communities offer health and fitness centers, in addition to billiard rooms, card rooms, craft rooms and more. Bored is not a word you often hear in our 55+ communities.

5. LOCATION AND CONVENIENCE – On-site restaurants and cafes are one of the most unique aspects of 55+ community living and they can be a real convenience. Most of the 55+ neighborhoods are also located close to shopping and entertainment areas, for convenience. Many are also in close proximity to hospitals and urgent care centers.

6. AFFORDABILITY – Here in the desert, we have nearly 50 senior mobile home communities, in all price ranges and for every lifestyle and prices start at under $100,000.

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