Where Do You Live When You Can Afford To Live Anywhere?

A couple I know, who live in Tucson, can afford to live anywhere they want. I just found out that they decided to move, and buy a mobile home, for well under $100,000.

They’re college educated, have done extremely well investing in real estate over the years, and are now ready to retire. Or, at least slow down and enjoy the fruits of their labor and investments.

When my friend called the other day, he informed me that they had just purchased a home, in San Louis Obispo, California. He grew up nearby, so I wasn’t surprised. When he said they purchased a mobile home, my mouth fell open.

I was pleased, but I never would have expected it. They never seemed like the “mobile home” buying types. They earn six-figure income salaries or higher, are baby-boomers, world travelers, sophisticated, and, well, they’re apparently in on the secret!

The secret? As any mobile homer will tell you, more often than not, mobile homes are located in the best locations in any town or city and are amazingly affordable. For example, if you want to live near downtown Palm Springs and have million dollar views, you may just have to spend a million. Or, for what you’d pay for an economy car, you could buy a mobile home in the same location.

So, whether you choose mobile home living because you’re on a limited income or because you know a good investment when you see one, it’s often just the smart thing to do.

To illustrate my point, the photo above was taken at Parkview Mobile Estates in Palm Springs. Prices start under $50,000 and offer some of the most amazing mountain views in the city. The park is also located a couple of blocks from the famous Tahquitz Canyon.

POSTSCRIPT: In 2013, my friends decided to move to Palm Springs. This time, as chance would have it, they bought of the nicest mobile homes in Parkview Mobile Estates–for just a little over $50K.