An Easy Way To Remove Wallpaper And Sell Your Mobile Home For Top Dollar

Here in the Palm Springs desert area, the majority of mobile homes were built in the 1970s and 1980s, when wallpaper was the trend and latest fashion.

Fast forward to the next century and dated wallpaper is now one of the main reasons many mobile homes take so long to sell. Or sell for a lot less than they could if they didn’t have wallpaper.  It’s a huge turn off to most buyers, today. But there’s an easy and affordable solution to unsightly wallpaper.

I was watching an episode of Sell This House, the other day, and one of the hosts shared this tip to remove wallpaper, easily an inexpensively. Instead of wallpaper removal, use a bottle of fabric softener. Score the wallpaper, then apply the fabric softener to the wall with a very wet sponge. Wait 15 minutes and then easily peel of the paper. I haven’t tried it myself, but is sure looked easy on TV.

If you’re a seller, try to remove the wallpaper before you put your home on the market and you will very likely be able to sell your home for a  lot more money.